AspDotNetStorefront Tip to Expose Keywords to Internal Search Engine

AspDotNetStorefront Tip to Expose Keywords to Internal Search Engine

AspDotNetStorefront BlogThe newly launched AspDotNetStorefront blog launched with a bang recently. In addition to taking advantage of the opportunity to introduce the world to some of their unsung heroes in the Sales and Support department, their first programming tip is something that proved to be quite timely to one of our clients who was experiencing a particular problem with the internal full-text search.

Everyone knows how important searching is on the ‘Net these days.  Google rules all – if you don’t show up in search, you’re not even in the game!  We’ve got tons of information on getting your site indexed, but what about searching within your site?  If customers make it to your site but can’t find what they’re after, you’re still going to be hurting.

By default, the basic search looks at products’ name, SKU, and manufacturer part number fields.  You can also use the advanced search feature to let customers search your products’ descriptions.  Sometimes that’s not enough though – if you’re selling soda and the customer looks for ‘pop’ and doesn’t find anything…off they go.  Frown

So, what to do?  Here’s an easy trick that lets you add hidden keywords to product descriptions that the advanced search will pick up.  In the RAD editor used to set the product description, switch to HTML view and enter something like this:

     <asp:literal text=”keyword1, keyword2″ visible=”false” runat=”server” id=”keywordholder”></asp:literal>

This will place a hidden field on the page that customer’s can’t see, but that the search can.  Whatever you enter in the ‘text’ attribute will work as keywords, making your products easier to find on your site!

Thanks ASPDNSF, we are looking forward to more gems so keep them coming! Hopefully you all will find this blog as helpful as we have so far.

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