Beware of Setting WordPress Pages to Private

Beware of Setting WordPress Pages to Private

As of 3.3.1 (and possibly earlier) when you set a WordPress Page (not Post mind you but Page) to Private, it has the undesirable affect of hiding the page from everyone but the creator of the Page.


The preferred way to pull a page off the site temporarily would be to change it’s status back to Draft rather than setting the Visibility to Private.

I suppose if you were the only writer of the site and using the admin login, it wouldn’t be so much of a problem but if you don’t log in as admin, or are not the creator of the page, you’ll effectively be locked out of administering this page in the admin section even if your user has administrative level on the site. You’ll still be able to visit the site while logged in but you can’t set it back from Private without going into the database and making the change OR logging in as the creator of the Page.

So, if you are one of many people administering a site using WordPress as the CMS, please don’t “hide” pages using Private unless you are fully aware of what this actually does. Is this a bug or a feature? I’d say the former since you can view the page as an administrative user but you can’t see it in the admin section of site nor can you administer it.

Have you run into this behavior before?

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