Deciding Which AspDotNetStorefront Is Right For You

Deciding Which AspDotNetStorefront Is Right For You

A while ago, I wrote about how to decide which of the various versions of AspDotNetStorefront were right for your application. I think the guidelines in that article still hold true but now that there are more versions of the software available, it should be updated. Thankfully, the fine folks at AspDotNetStorefront have already done so in their blog. Here are some of the updated deciders (my comments on each of their points are added in blue italics):

ML Express
ML/Express is designed for a company that really wants to break into the e-Commerce industry with little startup costs.  This platform is the most cost effective option which really lowers the barrier of entry. If you are a small company with few requirements, ML/Express is a great option.  This is the perfect product if your company wants to upgrade from their archaic expensive hosted online store, or obsolete shopping cart platform. AspDotNetStorefront ML/Express is available starting at $695 and supports an easy upgrade path to the full AspDotNetStorefront ML shopping cart platform, allowing your growing business to effortlessly expand while your online sales soar.  If you are only shipping within the United States, have less than 500 products, and do not require source code (including code-behind pages) for any special customizations then ML/Express is your perfect choice.  Express also will not support digital download products, Google Checkout, Google Analytics conversion code, more than 100 topics, drop-shipper/distributor notification, Product Ratings & Reviews, WSI, Event Notification, Gift Registry, Wish Lists, Multi-Lingual support among others.
Available at $1295 ML is our flagship product and is the most feature rich shopping cart software available.  As the most popular platform that AspDotNetStorefront sells, ML paves the way for many of our other software offerings. It has the ability to support up to 250,000 products, but has no hard-coded limitations internally on the amount of products you wish to sell.  ML supports worldwide shipping, multiple languages, and multiple currencies allowing you to break into the international marketplace!  When purchasing the ML platform there is an option to purchase full source code available in and C#, allowing you to customize the software as necessary for your sites success.  If you are interested in integrating 3rd party applications please be sure to take a look at our systems integrations page at:
For those of you who are or planning to operate in a 64 bit environment but require the functionality of our ML platform then ML/64 is the one for you!  The advantages of operating within a 64 bit environment allow your site to utilize the full potential of your server’s processing and memory capabilities.  Feature for feature the ML and ML/64 platforms are identical, with minimal exceptions.  Please note that just because you are running your storefront on a server with 64-bit version of Windows server doesn’t mean you can’t run the ML version. It runs fine but doesn’t take advantage of the increased power of the 64-bit architecture like this version does.
Using the AspDotNetStorefront Multi-Store product will give your company a huge productivity boost!  For many business reasons, a company may want to open multiple web stores that give the flexibility and power for each store to have its own unique look and feel enabling you to market products to a specific target audience.  Our Multi-Store product will empower site owners to operate multiple AspDotNetStorefront E-commerce stores and manage them by using a single backend admin console.  AspDotNetStorefront makes the administration of sites easier than ever by eliminating the need for additional overhead and costs and by automating accounting, warehousing, inventory control and reporting.  Currently available as a beta release, the Multi-Store product includes a $200.00 discount and one year of FREE continuous updates for each site license (roughly a $600.00 value!).  AspDotNetStorefront’s Multi-Store product line will greatly enhance your brand image that reaches and engages its prospective customers.

Of course, for the truly technically minded, you’ll still want to go through the AspDotNetStorefront feature grid to more accurately determine which will fit your needs.

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