Google Sites to include Templates features

Google Sites to include Templates features

Google Sites, a member of the Google Apps family as well as a stand-alone feature, has added site template to the feature list of this great product. Now, instead of the relatively lame themes you now have complete site templates that include not only the overall theme of the site but also suggested content, structure and gadgets that take full advantage of the platform.

Now don’t get me wrong, the themes were nice for personal sites in a GeoCities/FrontPage kind of way but there is so much you can do with Templates. Admittedly, many of the initial templates that are available are still a little "blocky", there are a number that one would be hard pressed to tell weren’t custom sites if it weren’t for the

I’ve been fortunate enough to have done some work with Over The Top Sites on some of the templates that were released last night and it is amazing what you can do by selecting from these templates. Compare the results of this one particular makeover for an imaginary restaurant:

Before and after templates by Over The Top Sites

I’ve used these tools in the past to build templates for project intranet for clients and I’m looking forward to taking these designs up to the next step in the future. And what is nice I won’t have to create all the initial pages and site structure one page at a time. Now it is a simple matter of creating a new template once and then selecting this in the future every time I create a new project. This could save a minimum of two hours setup on each new account.

Way to go guys!

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