Custom Programming

Code Monkey by melodymcfadden on DevianArt CC BY-SA licenseWe have extensive experience in coding web applications (and simple websites as well) in Windows environments. This includes utilizing C#, VBScript, XML and other languages as appropriate to custom craft a solution to fit the client’s needs.

Database Development

We have been creating dynamic online solutions based on Microsoft SQL server for over 10 years and look forward to putting this talent to work for you!

Customization of Commercial and OpenSource Applications

We can bring to bear a great deal of experience in modifying and maintaining previously engineered open source as well as commercial applications to better suit your needs! Examples of some applications that we have recent experience in modifying to fit our client’s needs include:

  • ASPDotNetStorefront – This e-commerce storefront is a leader in the industry and we have a great deal of experience in setting up these storefronts for customers. Everything from simple tasks like installation, initial configuration, implementing skin designs and bulk imports of products/customers to more advanced tasks like source code or XMLPackage customization. Our experience in this area includes writing custom web applications (like Enhanced Mail Manager) to assist merchants with tools to better manage their customers through dynamic email campaigns. Contact us to let us know how we can help YOUR organization with their ASPDotNetStorefront needs.
  • InfusionSoft Dot Net Helper Library – Being the originators/mainters of this library, Exhibit A Communications is the perfect company to turn to in order to leverage the power of InfusionSoft from your .Net based web app or desktop application.