Google Apps Setup Service (GASS)

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Exhibit A Communications provides has been transitioning our existing clients to use Google Apps for Domains for the last year now with great success. So much so, we are leveraging this experience to offer you our Google Apps Setup Service (GASS).

Google Apps for Domains provides your small or medium-sized business with a web-based, centralized groupware solution with advanced services such as the ‘Net’s best spam filtering, email conversation threading. And what’s great is at the lowest end, you and your employees only need a standard web browser (like Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox). If you need more advanced, desktop-centric access to your email Google Apps works great with POP3 and IMAP clients like Outlook, Thunderbird and more!


More Googley Goodness from Exhibit A CommunicationsGoogle Apps Features

  • Email
  • Group Documents
  • Group Calendars
  • Company Start Page
  • Instant Messaging


What We Do For You

  • Initial consultation on which level of Google Apps is right for your small business
  • Secure a domain name if you don’t have one
  • Setup your new or existing domain name to properly work with Google Apps INCLUDING SPF records to help make sure your mail gets through
  • Perform necessary configuration within Google Apps including setting up initial accounts and passwords
  • Provide you with easily understood instructions on how to configure your mail clients if you are not planning on using the web-based interface provided by Google Apps
  • Ongoing support with your Google Apps account is available on an hourly basis


Free Domain Name!

We’re so convinced this is a great service for any small business, we’re offering to set you up with a FREE domain name with purchase of your Google Apps Setup Service.

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