Google Apps Links

Already set up with the Google Apps Setup Service (GASS) from Exhibit A Communications? Here are some links to software and/or services that can assist with this.

GASS Links

3rd Party Software/Services

Note: I haven’t necessarily tried any of these products to determine their suitability or reliability. This list is meant as a starting point to help you resolve specific needs with Google Apps.

  • DocSyncer – This is a combination software and service that is available to assist desktop users to keep their Microsoft Office links synchronized with their Google Docs account. This is a great way to ensure that you not only have access to your documents regardless of your location, but also to ensure that you have your products adequately backed up. With one copy “in the cloud” and one on your desktop, you’ve got an instant backup service automatically! Currently in public beta. Windows only.
  • RemoteCalendars – This is an Outlook plugin that will syncronize your Outlook Calendar with one or more iCalendars (like Google Calendar. Jake L.’s MediaBlab blog has a great tutorial on getting this set up.
  • Using ScheduleMail as Intermediary – This one writer’s answer is to use ScheduleWorld to sync his Outlook calendar to Google’s iCal.
  • SyncMyCal – Commercial application to synchronize your Outlook and Google calendars.
  • gSyncit – gSyncit is a Microsoft Outlook add-in that allows for two-way synchronization between Google and Outlook calendars.
  • Companionlink for Google – Access your Google Calendar data from your Outlook calendar or your phone’s calendar. Two-way sync ensures that you always have your calendar events and reminders wherever you go.

Blogs of Interest

  • Google Blog Labels: Apps – This is all the articles labelled Apps in the official Google Blog.
  • Google Apps postings from Exhibit A Blog – This is where you’ll find postings of interest about Google Apps itself from Exhibit A Communications.
  • GASS postings from Exhibit A Blog – This is where you’ll find postings of interest about Google Apps Setup Service (GASS) straight from Exhibit A Communications.
  • LifeHacks – has great postings about how to better utilize Google Apps and other things to improve your life.

Books on the Subject