Google Apps is Changing

Google Apps is Changing

Google announced today the timing for what we consider to be a HUGE change for Google Apps customers (that we talked about on October 1st):  The consolidation of Google Apps accounts into the overall Google Accounts structure that control non-apps services (like Analytics, AdSense, Alerts, Reader, Earth, FeedBurner, Custom Search Engine, Checkout, Blogger). See the top integrated Google services by following link.

This video from Google explains how this change will positively affect Google Apps users

Logging into your Google Apps administrator control panel, you’ll find the following announcement:


One step that isn’t mentioned in my previous article about transitioning Google Apps accounts is that you can pre-approve (at least 61) Google services for your users during the wizard:


On the next screen, realize that Google doesn’t automatically send the conflict message they talk about here:


You will want to take the template linked and email it to the account shown in your control panel to reach out to all the users who have conflicting accounts.

Having worked under this new scenario for 3 months from one of our domains during their early adopter testing, we applaud Google on this change! We understand that this must be a HUGE undertaking given the number of Google Apps accounts but better now than waiting until there are more OR just keeping this artificial wall in place. Way to go Google!

What do you think about this change? Anticipating it or are you going to wait until they make the change for you in early 2011? Let us know in the comments below.

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