Powershell Backup to S3 Script

Powershell Backup to S3 Script

Have you ever used Powershell? Well, neither have I. Until recently I’d been happily scripting my server maintenance routines in batch files (I know, I know) but figured when one of our dev servers turned out to need to be a Windows Server 2012, I found that my tried and true batch files would need to be massively rewritten so I figured, time to dive into PowerShell.

There were three aspects of what the routine that I needed to address

  • Learn Powershell: Thank God for Google! Not sure how long this would have taken if I hadn’t had Google’s great search results
  • Figure out how to create and add files to a zip file. Well, it turns out the easiest way is to create a new file by adding the necessary “header” information to the file and then just start copying files to this file as if you were copying files to a folder
  • Figure out a good way to interact with S3. In the batch file I had been using S3 Browser’s s3browser-put utility but thanks to Google I found out about the Cloudberry Explorer which is freeware from Cloudberry Lab. And best of all, it includes Powershell extensions!

Well, without much more ado, here is the code:


Phew, that was a whole lot of work to replace a 7 line batchfile but I guess this is progress. Biggest “aha” moment from this exercise? I sure which Microsoft had strongly-typed the base language for Powershell. I guess I’m just too used to C# (and I like it that way).

Anyone else have some really handy Powershell scripts to share?

Of course, the final step is to get this scheduled to run on the server but that shouldn’t be too hard, should it?

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