Using Webmaster Tools to Optimize Your Site for Google

This is a GREAT video that shows you how to use Webmaster Tools to do Search Engine Optimization on your own website. Watching this is probably the best 10 minutes that a website owner can spend. Learn about:

  • Signing up for message forwarding to get real-time emails from Google about your site
  • Check out Search Queries to see items that are already ranking
  • Use Keywords to understand how to better target content
  • Reduce duplicates through HTML suggestions and URL paramter handling
  • Diagnose crawl errors to capture 404 traffic and reduce visitor frustration
  • Prioritize content by comparing internal links
  • Verify access through Fetch as Googlebot
  • Use Site Performance to improve speed of the website.


Using Webmaster Tools to Improve your Website through SEO

  • I love the query tool from webmaster tool as well. It really gives good insight on rankings. However, I can”t seem to have access data from more than 5 weeks before current date??? Am I the only one?
    Potentially the previous version of the tool was better for ranking trends over time.

  • SEO is a constant and consistent battle. We are constantly working with key words and content. Thank you for the post…great refresher and reminder – CC